The Month of Kickstarters
Hi Patrons! This is a long time coming, but I wanted to let you know, if you didn't yet, that I have comics printing in a few anthologies that are kickstarting this month. If your interested in my stories and/or the books, consider backing in order to preorder the book! "Mourning Tea" in BEYOND Beyond is a queer sci-fi/fantasy comic anthology. My story is 11 pages, and about a ghost and the mystical tea shop woman they love. Back it here: "Both" in LOVE IN ALL FORMS LiaF is a comic anthology for queer youth. My story is 7 pages, and about a thief, a princess, and non-binary identities. Back it here: "Boy or Girl" in CHAINMAIL BIKINI CB is a comic anthology about women and gaming! My story is 4 pages and about dealing with the gender binary in handheld rpgs. Back it here: "Positive" in PURITY (just a few days left to back!!) Purity is an 18+ "post-yaoi" anthology. My story is 8 pages and features Frank and Lee from my webcomic Prince of Cats, but 22 years later. Back it here: Thanks so much for your support!