A month of Reckoning
Hello everyone

I am very pleased to release a time compressed version of the livestream to kick off May and a month of reckoning.

Patrons will be treated to at least a full page a week from the chapter 5 storyboard being produced by Ira Black

Everyone else will be getting a sneak preview at 30 images in GIF format that in turn form the first few pages of chapter 5 of Reckoning - Operation Vermin.

The GIF sneak preview will be happening a bit later today, building with 1 picture a day until we hit 30.

I intend in a Patrons only post during the month, delve further into the technical details of the program used for storyboarding the pages and creating the video.

If you are new to the Reckoning Universe I suggest you check out some of the previous posts here on Patreon. If you are into reading perhaps visit http://bit.ly/2ckEd2i to read up on the premise for the comic book.

Reckoning currently stands at 7 full chapters which will all be turned into comic books.

I that you will join us here as a patron, along with the amazing people already supporting Reckoning.

Thank you for your time - Have a good one!!!

All the best.


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