Month of August Update
Thank you, guys and girls, for supporting!

For this month, Roulette Queue is currently at $7 and there's a chapter of Celestial sponsored by ReaderThoughts that will be out in a few hours! 

In other news, Xiao Qi, Wait is finally finished!! The afterstories are sooo cute! Special thanks to Ocelot who helped make time in her busy schedule to edit it and Sonia for helping out with proofreading as well! 

Also, Prodigal Alliance Head is finally coming back! The first chapter since the hiatus will be out in a few hours and new chapters will be released daily until the team is caught up with schedule!

Lastly, time to share some photos! Imma start w/ a pic of some of the loot I got from the street markets of Hong Kong b/c I'm too hungry to torture myself with pics of food right now. 


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