Month of Reckoning - Day 6
Another day another GIF to add to the Roll.

Enjoy this mini sneak preview from the Reckoning storyboard of Chapter 5 from the comic book.

The gif will throughout this gradually be built up to 30 images from the storyboard.

The Patrons have been seeing multiple pages of storyboards so far and so can you if you join the awesome Patrons already supporting Reckoning.

I will offer you a full money back guarantee, meaning that if you after 12 consecutive months of Patronage come to the conclusion you do not like the way the money is spent for the project, you simply cancel your Patronage and ask for your no questions asked refund.

If you did not catch the awesome time compressed video made together with  Ira Black where we follow the illustration of a full page from Reckoning then check out  before you join us.

Thank you for your time!

All the best