Month of Reckoning - Day 8
We are absolutely rolling here on on day 8 of our GIFRoll...

A murky transaction is beginning to come to light, documents are being presented by a politician perused by two, rather shady corporate proxies. 

Are you getting the picture, or you want to see more on how the political establishment seemingly is corrupted by corporate interests and perhaps even darker forces are operating behind the veil?

You know what? 

Then you are in luck because you don't need to settle for the little insight into the process of how we are turning Reckoning into a comic book that you are being presented with on this page.


Simply sign up as a Patron to get the full insight into the creation of the scifi Reckoning a story that is seething in intrigue, action, advanced weapons. Good, bad and ugly aliens, conspiracies to decimate mankind. Global Alliances fighting these forces of darkness, as well as travels to and from the outermost edges of the Universe as from dimensions beyond. 

But there is more.!!!

I am not simply asking you to part with your hard earned cash just like that.

If you decide to join the group of awesome people who are already Patrons of Reckoning I want to extend the deal a bit and offer you a full money back guarantee!

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If this is your first time to hear of Reckoning then I invite you to check out the amazing time compressed video made together with  Ira Black where you can follow the illustration of a full page from Reckoning if you are a scifi and comic book lover, I suspect you will enjoy it!

For now - Thank you for your time - Wish you all the best and see you in the inner circle soon.