Month of Love
Hey everyone! I realized that many of you are new and may not know about the Month of Love challenge that happens in February. Month of Love is an art challenge with a weekly theme, and each week a ton of amazing artists make beautiful art based on the prompt. There's an official roster of artists that post each week, but anyone is encouraged to follow along and often they will chose the work of those who follow along to share on the official blog. 

I've been an official artist in the past, but I've had to pass up the last two events to focus on the deck - however, I've been watching what people post and I am so blown away by the work. At the end of the month I'm going to chose a number of my favorites to share here, and I'd love to see your favorites (or your work if you decide to do one of the remaining prompts.)

I hope seeing all this work is as inspiring for you as it is for me.

The image featured here is "The Pull" by Julia Griffin for the prompt "Blue".