Month of Love: White
"Love to Be"


Acrylics on paper.

My entry to Month of Love's fifth and last challenge "White". The floating rabbits have been in my head for years now and I never got around to putting them into a sensible piece of art. I first met them in an Easter season tv piece by the channel's intro into the ad sections - slow-mo, floating, flying rabbits apparently also being fanned, so fluffy and with the typical dozy look of any rabbit. The image left in my head fit the theme "love of life" so excellently that they were my natural choice for this challenge.

The WIPs include the charcoal sketch, digital sketch, acrylics colour sketch, final drawing transferred to the canvas, and several working steps of the progressing painting.

Prints are avilable in my print stores at Curioos ( ) or INPRNT ( ). Write to [email protected] for the originals.