Monthly campaign vs. per upload

I have a random question for you as my Patrons; do you prefer creators who have a monthly campaign or one per major upload?

As I'm dividing my Biniwood comics into Chapters (or 'Episodes' for want of a better word? Page? Still figuring that one out), do you think it would be better to have a monthly campaign where you get charged at the end of each month and you get to have access to all the extra goodies throughout the month, or would it be better to have a Per Chapter upload, where you'd get charged for every complete page I post?

To begin with, I can't imagine that there would be any more than one per month, and I would certainly notify you all well in advance if that frequency were ever to increase to perhaps one every fortnight, but would this be something you'd all prefer? The only reason why I ask this is that if I were to have slightly more inactive periods (like the beginning of March from where my schedule got flip-flopped), then I feel unfair for my Patrons to be pledging an amount every month when the content from month to month can fluctuate.

If I were to change it to a Per Creation campaign, I'd be able to make sure you were subscribing and paying for specific, finished content, rather than just for as-and-when-I-manage-to-finish-it content.

Just to be clear; the only posts that would be uploaded as a Paid Content (when you'd get charged) post would be a completely finished Chapter, where you would get to see it a week ahead of everyone else.

Everything else I post will still only be available to Patrons, but it will not be charged and will still carry on as normal.

It's just that with a Per Creation campaign I don't have to feel so stressed out that I'm not giving back enough to my Patrons, and can just be stressed out about finishing the comic Chapter instead :D

Or am I totally overthinking this and should actually spend my lunch break having lunch rather than carrying on with work in one sense or another?

Any input, personal experiences etc. would be greatly appreciated :) Also bearing in mind that I'm not technically the main bill payer anymore, so I don't necessarily need or have to take into account specific payment dates.