Monthly diagram of Feb.2018 (Kusudama-suites)
Dear Patrons.

The monthly diagram of Feb. 2018 is "Kusudama-suites".

It includes "Allemande" and "Passamezzo" and more four arrangements works, and "Courante" and "Pavane" which are free diagrams on my website are included also.

"Allemande" and "Passamezzo" need diagrams of "Deco-part" and "Joining-part". You can download both of them from new post with passwords.

The password will be shown in a new post the next month 1st.
Thank you for your support!!

by Mio Tsugawa


2018年 2月の折り図は「くすだま組曲」です。


by Mio Tsugawa

■Work Data

© Mio Tsugawa

Assembling type : Paper-joint type

Joining material : Paper parts

Parts :
-Body : 30 parts
-Joining part : 60 parts