Monthly diagrams of May.2018 for $10 patrons
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These are diagrams as the monthly diagrams of May.2018 for patrons who is $10 or more. The PDF file and passwords are shown in a new post.

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One of diagram "Kusudama suites technique tips Vol.2" will be coming soon!!!
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1. Tarantella

■Paper-joint type / Joining materials : paper
This diagram is also the monthly diagram for patrons of $3 or more.


2. 1/64 square standard decoration-part

■Decoration part

This is a Decoration-part diagram for works which has 1/64 standard, Farandolle, cotillon, Gigue.
It includes three variations.


3. Kusudama suites technique tips Vol.2


This is a diagram to make variations of Cotillon and Tarantella.
It includes a arrangement of stopper, and another way to set joining-part.


4. Sweet ball

■ Paste-type & Modular-type / Joining materials : glue or none.
This is a diagram of old.

Some works need glue to assemble.



■Modular-type / Roll-joint

The diagram of Applause will be included as one of five monthly diagrams usually.

It includes one arrangement work.


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2. This post will be deleted the end of this month. Please take this passwords down your note if you need.

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