Monthly diagrams of Oct.2018 for $10 patrons
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These are diagrams as the monthly diagrams of .2018 for patrons who is $10 or more. The PDF file and passwords are shown in a new post.


1. Fantasy Box

■Modular type / Joining method : Box joint

This diagram is also the monthly diagram for patrons of $3 or more.


2. Froebel patterns

■Decoration part

An original work were created by Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel.
It includes four arrangements.


3.Quarter unit basic

■Paste type / Joining materials : Glue

Quarter unit can make various combination works with other part which have the quarter square standard.

It includes six polyhedrons.


4. Ribbon

■ Decoration part / Joining materials : Glue

This is one of decoration part which has the quarter square standard.
It needs glue to assemble. It includes some arrangement works.



■Modular-type / Joining method : Roll-joint

The diagram of Applause will be included as one of five monthly diagrams usually.

It includes one arrangement work.