Monthly diagrams of Mar.2019 for patrons of $10

Thank you so much for waiting!!
I've finished drawing the diagram just now.
And the passwords have been sent you already via email of Patreon.

I hope you enjoy it!!

○Works data

1. Ländler

■Modular type / Joining method : Arabesque joint

This diagram is also the monthly diagram for patrons of $3 or more.


2.  Ländler Decoration parts

■Decoration parts

These are decoration parts for  Ländler.
It includes four variations.


3. Little star and Big star

■Paste type / Joining materials : Glue

This diagram is one of old work. Works need glue to assemble.
It includes two arrangement works.


4.  Pedestal arrangements

■ Paste type / Joining materials : Glue

This is one of old work, too. It needs glue to assemble.
It includes one arrangement works.

And works can be decorated with Froebel patterns.
Cherry blossom is one of it. 



■Modular-type / Joining method : Roll-joint

The diagram of Applause will be included as one of five monthly diagrams usually.
It includes one arrangement work.

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