[Monthly Food] November 2017
It's freaking February. Whoops. :9

Not only that but this veritable smorgasbord was from October. So in a way, I'm super cheating. I'm a monster. Not to worry though! Back-to-back food posts coming up to catch up to the present.

With that out of the way, look at this it's adorable! This is from when me and my family went down to the Gudetama Café. If you're unfamiliar, Gudetama is a Japanese cartoon that became really popular because of the absurdity of a talking egg yolk that is existentially depressed. #relatable

Gudetama comes from the people over at Sanrio, the same company behind such characters as Hello Kitty, who isn't a cat. Apparently she is a little British girl. Which is ridiculous, look at her:

LOOK AT HER. SHE HAS WHISKERS AND CAT EARS. How in the world is this a little girl? Not to mention her name is literally Hello Kitty. Not that people's names inform their species, but in a cartoon universe? C'mon, it totally would. 

Apparently she doesn't have a mouth because she "speaks from the heart". Now that's a whole nother can of worms I don't even want to get into right now.

Hello Kitty also has a cat, called Charmmy Kitty. Take a gander at Charmy Kitty for a second:

MATE, this "Charmmy Kitty" character has the exact goddamn face as Hello Kitty! Down to the freaking bow they wear. AND THIS TIME IT'S ACTUALLY A CAT. Are you trying to tell me Hello Kitty is a human and Charmmy Kitty is a cat even though they look literally identical but with different bodies? If you saw a little girl who looked exactly like their cat in real life, would you just accept that as normal? And what the heck is that rat thing? Does Charmmy Kitty, a pet, also have its own pet? Do we go full Neopets now with Petpetpets? HOW DEEP DOES IT GO 

That whole reasoning for Hello Kitty not having a mouth seems even more outlandish now. Charmmy Kitty also doesn't have a mouth, does this cat also speak from the heart? Or is it more likely that a cartoon cat with no mouth is cuter and makes for a nice simplistic design? Because that's what Charmmy Kitty is and that's what Hello Kitty is: a cat.

Anyways, this whole Hello Kitty is not a cat but actually a human thing is made even worse by the fact that Sanrio HAS human characters who actually look at least somewhat human. Yet they insist that Hello Kitty, despite all evidence to the contrary, is among them. I don't understand it and I also don't like it.

food was pretty good