[Monthly Food] December 2017
Merry Christmas everybody! Two months too late but I like to think that we can carry that joyful spirit with us all the time. At least that's my excuse.

On the left: Lunch at Paul's, French style. Got some escargot, truffle fries, bunch of free bread, and ox tail stew.

On the right: Japanese matcha parfait I got a couple weeks later after a different, unrelated meal.

The meal from Paul's was awesome. The escargot was decadent, the truffle fries delicious (as always, though I may just be very much partial to all truffle fries), and the ox tail stew amazingly tender. On the far left you can also see a deceptively simple looking hot chocolate that ended up being incredibly rich. But honestly? It was a little fancy for my blood. I feel like I would have been just as satisfied with some street food. Going a little more pricey once in a while is nice though, like during the holiday season with family.

The parfait was great but it was so extra. Absolutely gigantic with something like 6 layers, and each could have been a separate dessert in it's own right. It tasted amazing, but it was too much. Like I was eating a sin.

The greatest thing about these meals during December wasn't the food though, but instead the time spent with my loved ones. I hope you had just as pleasant a holiday season as I did!