Monthly Giveaway #1
Ok, so, a while back I reached my second goal of 10 Patreons. THANK YOU!! . really. Thank you so much! I really never expected this at all when I started and I more or less opened a Patreon account "just-in-case" so it's just awsome to now reach my second goal. But for you, this means that the contributors giveaways will now be going ahead . I've been getting my hands on some retro-gaming stuff, games & controlers mostly. These are mostly for PAL systems but I'm starting to grab things for NTSC US/JAP systems too. They won't be super rare boxed, sealed titles, more comon carts & disks but I'll try my best to get stuff that isn't too shabby. So with all this said, it's time to lay some simple ground rules, mostly because I don't want this to become the reason why people would become a Patreon. It's meant to be a nice way to gime some karma back to ye and not a carrot for joining Patreon :) so here it is: - I'll pick the game randomly -you'll have to trust me on that :) - I'll pick the winner the last Tuesday of the month along with what the game is. - I'll announce the winner in a post on Patreon only. - The winner will just need to contact me with their postal details. So here's this month's giveaway so start things off: Lego Pirates of the Carabean for Nintendo DS . As far as I know there is no Region locks on DS Peace BGO
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