Monthly Retrospect: January 2016
Monthly retrospect is a place where I collect everything that happened this month and write it down in one place for new patrons and old.

I think keeping a schedule has been very helpful to this month and led to a lot of different things being created for patrons as well as kept me on my projects. I thank everyone that stuck around this month and the past months. Your patronage is absolutely amazing, and I appreciate it.

Let's get into the meat. I started this month after building out a schedule on the 8th and releases have been pretty consistent with my schedule. Some items got moved around to this month, but overall I'm confident they belonged there in the first place. Balancing my schedule should be a lot easier this month now that I have an idea of what's left to do on Mother.

January 8th: January Schedule

These details the month's assets and what I'll be working on, it marks the start of this new year and an attempt to organize releases. From now on, my goal is to release something interactive monthly.

January 9th: Where to Find Fonts

A list of fantastic places to find typefaces for your game.

January 10th: Fixed Hologram Shader

The old hologram shader needed updated for 5.2+ and I took the opportunity to also change some features to make it simpler to use.

January 12th: Pixeltron V1

A new Image Effect for pixelating your game and giving it a new palette. Get an instant retro flair to your game and experiment with the effect for a fresh new color scheme.

January 14th: More Royalty Free Music

Some new sources to find the perfect tune to add to your game.

January 19thIndigo Child

A simple, designed experience for my Patrons concerning a child with a special power stuck in a place of purgatory.

January 24th: Loading Screen Manager

A cool loading screen manager that's available online. It seems like a good start to a sometimes frustrating thing to implement.

Earlier Today:

February 1st50 More Bleeps, Bloops, and Bips

I created some more free UI sounds for y'all to use within your games.

I also managed a number of different personal works over this time, which was fantastic and fun. Here are some links to some different pieces of art and code I've been showing off. Lots of different work that you helped fund the time for.

January 19th:

January 21st:

January 22nd:

January 25th:

January 27th:

January 29th:

January 31st:

Thank you so much for bearing with me in January and as charges run through, I really hope you will be here to see the awesome stuff that comes out of February. I think you'll really like Mother and the other stuff I've been working it, so it's definitely worth it to stick around.