MONTHLY MEDIA PACK THIS WEDNESDAY and Local Uprising Live DVD #2 available this THURSDAY!!!
Whats up Patreon Ohana!

This wednesday at 1pm (Hawaii Time), it's on! This monthly media pack is stacked with a preview of our last performance and the DVD footage,  another sneak peek of the next BC Sessions that I did in Colorado, and we will unwind and talk about the big journey I just went on from California to New York by train. Been working like crazy since the release of Coconut Girl so it's gonna be great to sit back and reflect on this trip I just went on.

In other news, I spent all Sunday and today on editing the Local Uprising Live DVD #2. I want you all to see the last concert and wanted to get it out as quick as possible. Look at the picture above, that is the timeline and all the edits I did so far. So much! HAHA. Got a little more to do but the DVD and video will be available this Thursday! (all the money made from the Live DVD go towards recording costs finishing the three songs I started with E.N. Young on Jan 2nd and 3rd and for the videographer and photographer at our next show)

I'm so proud of this show. We had a few errors and mistakes and it wasn't the most technical or clean we've played but what I was proud about is that we played mostly originals (that not a lot of the audience knew) and we had them engaged. People were jamming to our music, catching on and singing the lyrics by the second chorus of the songs. We also played two brand new songs and brought up our friend J-Shiu to freestyle rap and perform one of my favorite originals called "My Mind." We were confident and commanded the stage and thats why I was proud. We are ready... 

Can't wait to share it all with you!

See you on Wednesday at 1pm (Hawaii time)