Monthly "Mini Contest" for December
Each month we give away a 1 hour private coaching to two random people for posting pictures of practicing the lessons.  We kept a log of everyone who sent us private messages, posted to our community section here on the Patreon page and also on the Miniature Monthly Facebook page.  Thank you girls and guys for being an active part of our growing community!!  The winners for December are as follows:

Flyaturtle won the 1 hour private coaching from Aaron Lovejoy

Loic Bigby Wolf won the 1 hour private coaching from Elizabeth Beckley

We love the fact that people are practicing.  This is the whole point of Miniature Monthly.  We are really excited about growing together as a community.  Thank you for your support and helping to spread the word!  And most of all, thank you for participating!!!!  

Oh, and you can view the video of me drawing names for this Mini Contest on our facebook page:

~ Aaron, Elizabeth and Jonathan