Monthly Patreon/Twitch Sub Stream!
My special monthly stream where you can hangout with me on voice chat (on my discord server) and play games with me on stream will be this Saturday, September 30th at 3:30PM EST on my Twitch channel (JessTheNoob) 

If you would like to join you can either:

  • Be a Level 2: Summoner Patreon member ($3/month)
  • Be a Twitch Subscriber! (Until October 2nd, all subscriber tiers are 50% off so you can sub to my channel for only $2.99 instead or $4.99!)

For this month, you guys have voted for UNO to be the game to play. Get ready for a lot of screaming and salt because it's happening again.

My voice chat and game invites will only be available to those who have done the above, but if you cannot, my chat will still be free to use and you can still watch the stream :) 

Hope to see you there!