Monthly Patreon Vlog # 5 - The Patron Week 2015 Promo
Nick, Kris and Chris got together to shoot an announcement video one stormy Sunday afternoon. What we came up with was... strange. Here's some highlights of when we were making it!
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Podcast Boost! - (Shout Out, Questions, Early Access, No Ads)
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No pledge is too small! For $1 Per Month, we will immortalize you forever in a personal shoutout on the next podcast and you will be invited to leave us questions for each week’s episode on the Patreon Activity Feed for the duration of your pledge! You will also receive 24-hour early access to each episode (every Friday morning) without any ads!
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 For supporting us at $3 Per Month, you will be given early access to ALL of our produced Audio/Video content on! This includes Trailer Talks, Top 5 Videos, bonus Podcasts recorded using Discord (Drinking Podcast, Game of the Month Spoilercast, etc), Game of the Year content, and more! Content will be released via the Patreon Activity Feed. Content will be made public 48-Hours later.  
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Exclusive Discord Channels w/ Live Bonus Podcasts
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 For $5 per month, you will have access to exclusive channels (Text AND Voice) within our FREE Discord Server (! Patrons will be able to access the “Patreon” channel to do things like pow-wow with Brad to help him plan new episodes of Trailer Talk. You will also be given access to a special voice channel called “Podcast Recording!”  where you can spectate the recording of Bonus Podcast episodes including but not limited to Spoilercasts and our new alcohol fueled disasterpiece (name TBD)! **All Bonus Podcasts will be made available to the public 48-hours after they are made available to Patrons**
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Priority Access During Community Multiplayer Nights
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 At $10 per month, we will give you priority access to play with us during community multiplayer nights on! You can even help us plan the events yourselves by recommending games using the #patrons channel within Discord (!  
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Drink Stuff from a Commemorative 4Player Mug!
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For supporting us at $15 per month, you get access to all of the benefits of the lower tiers AND you will receive a cool, 4Player Mug in the mail! New pledge orders will be processed at the start of each month after Payments have been processed. The design of the mug is currently pending and will be formally announced as soon as it is ready (Within the next couple weeks) **Existing pledges of $15+ will be grandfathered into this tier. Look for an email in late February / Early March with details on how to receive your mug!** 
Includes Discord rewards
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