Monthly Patreon Wallpapers Return!
So I'm ashamed to say it's been MONTHS since I last posted wallpapers for you guys, and I'm deeply sorry for that. I can't explain it really, but it just felt like it didn't matter maybe to anyone whether I did, or not. There's 0 activity here on the Patreon page by the looks of it, which I don't mind really. But admittedly I felt like "What's the point?" kinda attitude. Which is terrible.

And so I'm going to return to posting Wallpapers again, and also posting more stuff in general instead of just video updates because, well, for all I know there are people that are watching, and if I do want this Patreon page to be more active with comments etc, then I can't give up, right? :D

New Year, new and fresh attitude FTW!

This is the wallpaper of the month for anyone, and the next post will contain the wallpaper pack exclusive for Patreon supporters. Enjoy!

To download the wallpaper in size 1080, simply visit the link. You do NOT need an account so skip that if it asks. :D