Monthly Progress Report & Stuff - December 2019

Dec 8, 2019

Hello Patrons! How have you been? It's been some time since I've done a monthly progress report, though there's not that much to report about anything. I may not have posted one every month, but I'll still try to post a progress report every month to keep you all updated on my situation. 

To my new patrons, welcome and thank you for choosing to support me. I hope you will be staying here for a long time.

To my current patrons, thanks for continuing your support towards my translation activities!

And to my former patrons, thanks for having supported me and I hope to see you again in the future!

Just like always, in this post I talk about my progress in my translation projects and anything else that is important. This is mostly to keep myself informed as to how much I've done myself so far, but also to keep you informed in other things I'm thinking about in relation to translation that might be important to all of you.  

Translation progress 

  • Second Summon: Chapter 117 at 0% -> Sequel chapter 7 100%(Caught up)
  • Hiki-NEET:  Vol 10 Prologue at 0% -> Vol 10 Chapter 10 at 0%
  • Retired Hero: Chapter 53 at 0% -> Chapter 62 at 0%

And so, I've caught up on the raws in Second Summon! This should free up some of the free time that I don't have enough of. Before I decide to pick up another title, I'm going to focus on my current two titles as well as editing the other translation on scarletmadness, which I may consider dropping once we find a long term editor for that one. 

Restarting monthly short stories

Now that I've freed up some of my free time, I've decided to resume my monthly short stories. I already have a few titles from back when I decided to take a break from this, so I can just continue on with this. Look forward to seeing interesting short stories again!

This is all I wanted to let you guys know for the time being.  If you want to respond in any of the above points or have other questions, please let me know through comments, mail or discord(link here just in case). I'll be more than happy to respond to you.  I hope all of you have a great time. 

See you in my next translation and/or report! 

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