Monthly Raffle!
We hit our first goal of $100 and went soaring passed it!  We are doing our first monthly raffle and have several who will be entered!  This months giveaway will be a Water Tower Killa Kan!  We will be doing a drawing on Friday, August 4th and the lucky winner will win THIS EXACT MODEL!

This is an Ork players dream!  Or you can taunt an ork player with it, which is way more fun!

To enter to win this amazing Killa Kan, all you have to do is either buy a raffle ticket or sign up at our $5 level and higher!  These first few raffles should be really exciting because there is a limited amount of people in it, so the odds of winning this are pretty high.

Come join the fun, support us and win free minis!

If you win and may not want this Killa Kan then we can let you choose something off our Ebay Store of a $100 value or less.  We won't do this every time, but for our first raffle we wanted to give people a choice if they didn't want the Killa Kan (Although come on, how cool is this guy!?)