Monthly Transparency Report: Patreon Reports False Numbers Again
1. I've contacted people who have not had a successful pledge (by email AND by Patreon messages) and told them that they were to be removed from the list of patrons & lose all bonuses. 2. We went from 871 to 861, but there are a total of 42 more patrons who may be removed from the list within 24 hours if they're unable to settle up like the rest of you have. 3. Patreon lied again and suggested that we were bringing in $5,742 when in fact only $5,105 has cleared. It's still awesome to see such support, but very disappointing to know I cannot count on a chunk that would otherwise go directly to supporting a team of people around me. 4. I hope you realize that patrons are driving us forward for new content in ways that subscribers simply can't. Every person is valuable, but look at the screen shot that better illustrates the situation. Ads versus patronage? There's absolutely no comparison. 5. I hope you are enjoying our ideas behind an "evergreen" OMG (a humorous way of delivering tips) and TGIF (a more straightforward way of delivering tips). I wish we could do more for you and everybody else, but probably can't until we reach our next, true financial goal on Patreon. Every bump in pledges absolutely counts!