Monthly Request Night & Instructional Stream!
I finally have some free nights so lets do some streams! 

Monthly Request Night (35+)

Saturday, May 28th, 1pm - 4pm PST 

If you can't come and you're on this level or higher, worry not! Leave me a message of your request and I'll still try to get around to it! Streams are recorded for future watching on Picarto if you'd like to see the stream at a later time. 

Instructional Stream (50+)

For this, I want to make sure everyone on this level can make it, so I want to make sure we find a good time for everyone. I thought about doing it Monday, but that's a holiday for most people so they might have plans! 

Would Tuesday, May 31st, 8pm PST work for everyone at this level? I'll be messaging each one of you privately to verify and check schedules, so please look out for pings in your inbox. <3

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful weekend!