Monthly Review for March and Weekly Update: (Sunday, Apr 2, 2k17)
The weekly update and monthly review line up for once, so I'm combining them this time around.

Wow! March!! I was sick most of the month, and despite that, the month has explosively positive results with many huge successes along the way. I'm impatient to look at the month as a whole, so I'll review the month first.

Month in Review

In March, I brought a little of my coding community into my fractal art via my "Thing Doing Zone" theme for Tumblr. Just weeks after, I brought a part of my music community into my fractal art with my new music video for my Ghost in the Shell mashup -- "The Making of a Violent Cyborg Heart". These are actually but small seeds, as the real blossoming will happen later, but you will see that they have already affected growth in a huge way.

  • Instagram: As of today, I have 6103 followers on my professional art Instagram. That is 6/10ths of my way towards my goal for 2017. That's an increase of 1695 followers in March. That's more than double the growth of 760 followers in February. How has it affected actual engagement? In February, my posts were averaging 590 likes and 75 comments. In March, my posts have averaged 745 likes and 93 comments, showing measurable and impressive growth in engagement. March was also the first month that I had a post pass 1000 likes, with the first being "Three-Ring Circus", and the second being "Memoriam Redacta". The former took nearly a month to hit that number, while the latter pass 1,200 likes in less than one week. It's a paradigm shift that I've yet to adapt to.
  • Twitter: I've run an analysis of when the majority of my followers are on Twitter, and I've been making adjustments to my schedule. I've also switched from Buffer to SocialPilot, a change that happened just days ago, so it will echo more powerfully in April. As of today, I have 1526 followers on my Twitter account, up 514 from the 1012 that I closed February at. My mix of authors, art lovers, art makers, and music lovers has definitely created an ongoing stream of interest in my various arts, and it's awesome to finally have measurable traction on this platform.
  • Pinterest: March brings my Pinterest to 1304 followers, up 191 from February's 1113. I did almost nothing on Pinterest in March, so the growth makes me want to reach out and thank everyone of these new followers, and to assure them that I'll be posting much more in the near future. More fractals are on the way.
  • Tumblr: My secondary is at 549, up from 534. My primary is at 764, down 28 from 792. My poor followers on my primary account had to put up with so much testing for the new theme that I lost quite a good many of them. It's a sacrifice here in the moment, but the benefits in the future are worth it. I actually still have quite an amount of promotions to run for the theme to get it off the ground. All in good time.

These numbers, by the way, have increased even with taking a week off. March had five Thursdays, and right in the middle, I had to take a week off from everywhere just to work on the new theme. The Dropbox deadline, where they turned off the Public folder, had put a very firm deadline on the theme. I met the deadline, yet at the cost of about a week and a half of absence from all my social media platforms. As you can see from the numbers, the absence barely dented it.

Also, I could have promoted more. Had I the time, I am actually behind on notifications and keeping up with my community, especially on Instagram. I have so many more to catch up with, and I had to cut it short this past week simply because of other and more urgent requirements.

Weekly Review

So, what about growth over just the last week? With how big the month was, I'll keep the week's stats brief.

Q2 Twitter Experiment

The big change in Q2, beyond increasing promotions and maintaining current patterns, is to update my Twitter posts. I mentioned this earlier, that I just switched from Buffer to SocialPilot. It opens up a lot more personalization. I also ran an analysis on my Twitter audience. Here are the times when most are online (with *asterisks marking even higher times):

  • Sat: 0800, 1100, 1200**, 1300*, 1400
  • Sun: 1000, 1500
  • Mon: 0900*, 1200*, 1300p

Before, I was posting at 0955 and 2127 (CST). As my audience has fluctuated immensely since the turn of the year, the analysis shows me that I need to update this. I've changed my times, and I'm now posting on weekends as well as weekdays.

I also need to update my list of tweets to include all of the new art, as well as to link to Zazzle and Patreon. That is one of the largest changes going into Q2, and an exciting experiment that I will be measuring.

As of this last week, my posts on Twitter were getting 1,507 impressions. I'll see just by how much I can beat that. By Q2, I aim to double that at the very minimum.

Et fini!

That is one large summary with so much going on, and in a week I will be flying over the Atlantic. I have plans to convert a van into a mobile home and art-studio-on-wheels, and then catching my Lili in July to make the pilgrimage to Burning Man.

I'm still a little sick, a little coughing, and while it has only lasted a month, it is one of the last demons that I still need to conquer. I've conquered asthma and more than 200 allergies, but the bronchitis still hits me whenever I'm in colder climates. I'm mapping out plans at this very moment to take on this final demon and destroy it.

So stay tuned, because the best is yet to come.

Until next time, burn bright, lovelies... and stay lit!


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