Monthly Schedule
Here it is! So I am a supporter of XWhiteRussia and she did a Monthly Schedule thingy which I thought was genius! I love how it shows you the hard work that we do for you guys :) So I asked her if she would mind me copying her idea and she gave me the go :D So here we go!

I will do this at every new month so I can show you my Patreon plans through the month! Like you can see, I have a very strict schedule. I also am very happy to announce that starting this May, XWickedGames will be my official Patreon photographer! All of the exclusive prints from Patreon will only be photos from her. If you don't remember what her work is like, you can go checkout her page at 

If you have ANY questions please feel free to let me know :) Any suggestions to get my Patreon more interesting are always welcomed too!