Monthly Spending Report - March 2015
Every month I'd like to let you know where your donations are going. Crowd funding is a fairly new phenomenon. It's important to be clear about what your patronage funds. Last month, 100% of your support went to print making. Most of my income is from the selling reproductions through Etsy and live events. It is vital to keep high quality reproductions in stock. This month all of the money I made through Patreon went to 2015 event registration. I've made an effort to be more involved in conventions, craft fairs, and plein air competitions. Every event has a table or registration fee. May 2nd I'll be selling at Free Comic Book Day at the Hamilton Mall, hosted by Level Up Entertainment. I've applied for a table at the 2015 Collingswood May Fair. The event is scheduled for May 23rd, but I have not received a rejection or acceptance letter. On June 27th I have a table at the NJ Anime Comic Con. I've applied for Plein Air Easton which runs from July 11th through to the 19th. October 8th to the 11th is NYC Comic Con. I applied for a table but like the May Fair, they have not yet sent out acceptance letters. Total I've spent well over the $58 my patrons have given this March on registration and table fees. Thank you for making this all possible.
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