Monthly Spending Report - June 2015
It's that post again. The one where I tell you exactly where my Patreon money is spent, so you know your dollars are directly supporting the arts.

Right now I have works hanging at the Noyes Museum of Art, The Perkins Center for the Arts, The Ocean City Fine Arts League, and The Ocean City Arts Center. Every single one of those paintings needed to be framed. Framing is expensive. Anywhere from $25 - $50 a piece. This month 100% of the donations I received from Patreon supporters went to frames. 

Our year so far in Patreon spending: 

January: N/A

February 2015: 100% Print Making and Painting Reproductions 

March 2015: 100% Application Fees for Spring/Summer Events 

April 2015: 100% Business Cards

May 2015: 100% Art Supplies

June 2015: 100% Framing