Monthly Spending Report - July 2015
I cannot believe July is almost over. It's time for my monthly spending report. Crowd funding is a fairly new concept. I feel being open about my expenses is the best way to keep my patrons informed.

This month's donations went to my attendance of Plein Air Easton's Quick Draw Event. Easton is a three and half hour drive from my home. I went through a full tank of gas. That's about $25. Registration for the event was $10. The piece needed to be framed and ready to hang, about $30. Tack on $20 for food and tolls. The total cost of the day was a little more than I collected last month. So, in other words, thank you. Plein Air Easton was paid for by my Patreon donors. 

The above painting was created during the Quick Draw, thanks to you.

Here is our year in spending so far:

January: N/A

February 2015: 100% Print Making and Painting Reproductions 

March 2015: 100% Application Fees for Spring/Summer Events 

April 2015: 100% Business Cards

May 2015: 100% Art Supplies

June 2015: 100% Framing

July 2015: 100% Plein Air Easton Quick Draw Event