Monthly Spending Report - May 2016
A new desk! I got a new desk. All thanks to you, so thank you! Thank you, thank you.

It's time for my monthly spending report, where I tell you where my Patreon earnings are being spent. This month they were 100% spent at IKEA. 

I got a new desk, and it is about time. Between my job and my hobbies I spend most of my time at my desk. Painting, working, answering e-mails, updating social media, editing scans, applying to galleries, and playing video games. No matter where you are reading this from, chances are I am currently sitting at my desk. My desk is my tiny section of the universe and my old one was OLD. I've had it since at least 2003, but cannot remember where it came from (probably Craigslist?). It's not that I don't miss my old desk. It's that I really love my new one. Thank you for facilitating this purchase. My quality of life just went up. 

I truly appreciate my patrons. This month a lot of people stopped donating, but a lot of other people started donating. If you had to stop being my patron, don't feel bad! I appreciate your support whether it is for one month or many years. If you've pledged now, in the past, or even in the future, thank you. You make my art possible and my life better. 

2015 Spending:

January: N/A

February 2015: 100% Print Making and Painting Reproductions 

March 2015: 100% Application Fees for Spring/Summer Events 

April 2015: 100% Business Cards

May 2015: 100% Art Supplies

June 2015: 100% Framing

July 2015: 100% Plein Air Easton Quick Draw Event

August 2015: 100% Application Fees for Fall/Winter Events

September 2015: 100% Live Model Fees

October 2015: 100% Framing

November 2015: 100% Etsy Fees 2015

December 2015: 100% A Light Board 

2016 Spending:

January 2016: 100% Paper

February 2016: 100% Event Fees, Travel, and Parking

March 2016: 100% Print Making and Painting Reproductions

April 2016: 100%  Domain and Pattern maintenance of

May 2016: 100% New Desk and Work Station