Monthly Spending Report - January 2017
I have put a lot of effort into revamping my Etsy shop  this year. My worst habit is painting something, snapping a photo of it for instagram , and then placing it safely in storage never to be seen again. This year that stops. I am listing paintings as I make them. This has increased traffic to my Etsy shop. Traffic to my Etsy shop means more print sales. Prints are much more likely to sell online that originals. Which brings me to my point.

The funds my Patreon account raised last month are going toward print making and painting reproductions. The above original watercolor painting of The Hollywood Tower Hotel is one of my best sellers. You can find a link to the fifteen dollar art print here

Thank you for supporting my art. You make my lifestyle and career possible. No matter how little you give it all helps. It all adds up. I look forward to sharing 2017 with you.


2015 Spending:

January: N/A

February 2015: 100% Print Making and Painting Reproductions 

March 2015: 100% Application Fees for Spring/Summer Events 

April 2015: 100% Business Cards

May 2015: 100% Art Supplies

June 2015: 100% Framing

July 2015: 100% Plein Air Easton Quick Draw Event

August 2015: 100% Application Fees for Fall/Winter Events

September 2015: 100% Live Model Fees

October 2015: 100% Framing

November 2015: 100% Etsy Fees 2015

December 2015: 100% A Light Board 

2016 Spending:

January 2016: 100% Paper

February 2016: 100% Event Fees, Travel, and Parking

March 2016: 100% Print Making and Painting Reproductions

April 2016: 100%  Domain and Pattern maintenance of

May 2016: 100% New Desk and Work Station

June 2016: 100% Philadelphia Game Forge and Philly Dev Night

July 2016: 100% Limited Edition Prints

August 2016: 100% Art Supplies

September 2016: 100% Inktober

October 2016: 100% Holiday Craft Fair Fees

November 2016: 100% Etsy Fees 2016

December 2016: 100% Art Snacks Subscription 

2017 Spending:

January 2017:   100% Print Making and Painting Reproductions