Monthly Update for November + Announcement about Delayed Release & Extended Demo
Hey everyone! 

Here is a quick monthly update (originally for Kickstarter) for our progress this month.

So as you can see, art has been progressing nicely this month. Greenace has been working hard on the CGs, and so far the CGs for 3 out of 4 routes have been mostly linearted. We would show more previews, but we don't want to spoil them, so unfortunately, we can only include one above. The background artist we commissioned has also been working  speedily, and right now, everything is done except the night versions for around 12 backgrounds. 

Writing is still going, but since it's  currently exam period for college, Windchimes has been extremely busy. As soon as the semester is over, though, she'll be able to work on the script full time, so if everything goes well, you guys will see a massive increase in the % complete for writing in the monthly update next month!

As for music, we've received more finished background music tracks from our composer. The most exciting bit of news: as mentioned before, the theme song (also for the opening video) was completed, and this month, the lyrics have more or less been finished as well! There are still tweaks to be done to just a couple lines, and then afterwards, it'll be recording and mixing. Hope you guys are as excited to hear the theme song as we are! 

Annnd that's it for this month!


Moving on to more important matters, we must first apologize for the slow  progress and delays in production. Unfortunately, there have been  unexpected real life issues these few months that severely cut down on  our free time to work on this project. To give a brief explanation,  Greenace's father passed away suddenly, and she needed some time away to handle her negative emotions. Meanwhile, Windchimes had a horrible semester at school and also had to deal with health problems herself. As a result, the core team members have been unable to do as much work as planned on The Masquerade Killer. 

We are planning to work day and night to catch up as much as possible over the next two months, particularly during the holidays. However, unless we want to sacrifice quality for speed, we are pretty unlikely to meet the original deadline of February / March 2018. Since we really want to make sure The Masquerade Killer is as great as possible, we want to take more time to work on the game. Therefore, we have decided to push back the release date for The Masquerade Killer.

We can't quite give a concrete release date at the moment, but we are expecting to finish everything and release the game by summer 2018.  Meanwhile, we'll continue to keep you guys posted every month with our  monthly updates to let you all know that we're still working hard on the  game. We have also decided to release an extended demo (probably up to first few scenes of each route) exclusive to our Kickstarter backers and our Patreon supporters (only patrons with a lifetime support of over $5 - more instructions given later on regarding how to get access to the extended demo when it's released),  perhaps some time around our original release date (around February -  March 2018), as an apology to you all for the delayed release.  Hopefully, the extended demo will be able to tide any impatient fans  over until the full game is released!

Again, we apologize for letting you guys down. We will work hard and do our best to finish the game as soon as possible! 

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience! We hope you guys will continue to support us throughout our journey. 

TL;DR:  We are extremely sorry for the delays in production due to real life  issues, and the new estimated release for the full game is sometime in summer 2018. An extended demo will likely be released in February - March 2018 as an apology instead. It will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers, as well as Patrons who have supported us for a total of over $5 by the time the extended demo is out.