Monthly Update - March 2014
Our first Patreon month has passed, and this is our first report of a month of activities. We made a lot of stuff, although most of it is pre-production, or 'invisible' stuff, aimed at the gamedev community. -Asai participated in A Maze. Game Jam at the Goethe Institute, José remotely did the graphics for the game, and Thiago did the sound. The result was LAUT, a coop educational party game where the players have to try to understand what people say to them in a very surreal and strange party in Berlin. Player one will be looking at the screen and seeing what word the characters shout, while player two looks for that word in the manual and translates which button player one has to press. Each word means one different button on the controller, and the words changes every 5 seconds. FAST LEARNING! The game was selected to go to A MAZE. Festival in Berlin, from April 9 to 11. We will make is available for our Patrons. -Now for the news: we adjusted SPIN a little bit. Now people have to do an application to show their games on the event. We did that so we can organize better to divulge and put them awesome games on the spotlight properly. And to know better the game production over here in São Paulo. We also fixed the talks system, and now it's easier for us to invite people. -Inspired by Zoey Quinn, we organized a Google Drive sheet where gamedevs can put their contacts, their abilities, in which way they can help others, etc. We have a lot of lists in Brazil, but they all had a 'company-like' profile. They tried to map existing studios, without ackowledging the individual beings that are part of the scene. So, to help this, we created the Game Dev Friends List, which you can access right here: -We started to test a new project inspired by the collab explosion between artists over here. We are planning an art collab that can fit in an interactive, fun to browse html5 digital "zine". -We also had some reunions with SP Prefecture, and we talked about some moves that help the indie developers. Nothing very solid up to now, but we a optimistic that this will allow us to do even crazier stuff (or at least bigger). And to wrap it up, we are changing the game development scheme via Patreon. We looked carefully at our schedule for this March, and we predicted the necessity to take more freelance jobs. So we decided to archive big (t)Rip and Last Minutes of Battery, and replace them with one smaller, more polished game per month. One that can bring an experience Loud Noises flavored. Asai thought of a collab system between several people, and develop a game in, top times, one week. These games will all be upped on Patreon first.