Monthly Update.
Another month, so I figured I’d catch you guys up on what’s been going on.

I had my appointment on the 18th and it left me a wreck. The doctor was really rude and wouldn’t even look at me, he just insisted my issues wasn’t in his field of expertise (OBGYN). He got offended when I got upset and just wouldn’t listen to anything I said. I would have been fine with everything being ruled out and moving on to other possibilities if he had at least given me an exam. So I requested a new doctor from my healthcare coordinator. I noticed the ones at the Cushing Center where I’d been going had no bedside manner whatsoever and given all I’ve been through it was hard for me to take it, and the way they make me wait forever for an appointment was really upsetting. We made an appointment at a new place, and I went there yesterday. They were very polite and understanding that I just wanted to make sure everything was normal before I moved on to other avenues of treatment, and they said that was totally understandable with how long I’ve been going through this pain. They checked everything out and they’ve ruled out issues coming from the female anatomy.

That basically means it’s probably my back or my intestines causing issues given the location. It never varies, it’s always in the middle. And recently, I got very bad back pain. In the last few weeks. And I had a bit of a realization after the back pain had been persisting for so long.

After the fire, because I needed to go on oxygen and get stitches and whatnot, they never took any X-rays at all. Usually if you go into the ER it’s the first thing they do but given the circumstances I can understand why they didn’t. However, no one gave me an X-ray afterward either. All this time and I haven’t been X-rayed a single time.

When I was pulled out of the building, I fell end over end and hit a metal floor VERY hard on my back. I didn’t think anything of it because my legs were more battered and bruised than anything, plus the wound in my armpit. I also didn’t think anything of it that after I sat up for varied period of time and went to lay down, I felt slight pain in my pelvic bone area, then it clicked and it went away like my bones were settling. It was brief, so I thought nothing of it. But then with this new back pain that came around, I started thinking that maybe something is wrong with my back and I sustained an injury from the fall. The new back pain kept me laid up for about a week and a half, unable to even really stand up. I still have problems sitting up and I get nerve pain that radiates down my legs and goes up into my right abdominal region. I was worried about the abdominal pain till I realized that there was not tenderness when I pressed on it, and it was off and on. Which only really leaves nerve pain as an option for it.

We’re working on getting an X-ray and an MRI scheduled at the moment, as well as switching me to more competent doctors/facilities.

Now that I know it’s not an OBGYN issue I can move on to other options with the comfort of knowing that it’s not something in that field. I don’t know what it is, but it feels like we’re making progress forward and I’ll be able to work more consistently soon. I was able to pick up my tablet and draw over the last few days, I hadn’t been able to do anything for months and it felt good. I might upload the little I have this coming month so that’s something to look forward to.

As always I want to thank all of you for your continued support. And in case I don’t post it later this month, have a happy holiday.

Also, as we always do this time of year, I’m gonna toss up my amazon wishlist. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to stream of Christmas like we usually do.