Monthly Wrap-Up: June
Hey everyone!
I thought I'd try this new Monthly Wrap-up thing so you all could catch up really quickly with what I've been doing (this will also be a paid post, so you will be charged for it, though it will likely be your only charge of the month). For those of you who are interested in higher levels of support, I'll probably be making additional posts around this time about special things I've got planned, or maybe even little goodies I want to give away. That being said - would anyone be interested in a Pinotnoiricecream bar bottle opener? Or maybe an inspired elixirs wine glass? Haha, I'm totally getting ahead of myself, aren't I? XD

So, what went down on my channel this month?

First off, we had our very first non-BJD Inspired Elixirs video thanks to Puppeh and his character MD. It was a lot of fun and a huge challenge to work on his video - and oh, it got hot. Seriously, those peppers should have come with some sort of warning; 'please only purchase if you have common sense', or something like that. You can check out that video here:

Then we had Miu and Miki, Cazzie and Verity, Sanura and Zephyr. You all seemed to be enjoying these videos much more than the old 'Thirsty Thursdays', though I'm quickly running out of submissions! I admit I had no idea if anyone would submit anything at all, so I'm eternally grateful to those who did. I think in July, unless I start getting submissions again, I'll start to slow this 'series' down to every other week or so. That will probably help improve the quality of the videos as well, give me more time to plan, work with the character, pick up ingredients, all that good stuff.
In case you missed any:
Miu and Miki : Onlydoll Qing Tong :
Verity and Cazzie : Minifee Chole :
Sanure and Zephyr: Triffony Sphinx :

Daichi's character videos are nearly done, so now you know all about Daichi's ridiculous past. I never quite understand what makes you guys interested in my character videos or not (sometimes I think it's just the thumbnails, haha) and Daichi certainly hasn't been the most intriguing character for ya'll. I think that maybe I'll try Yana next, or possibly Mene? I want to keep ya'll entertained and everything - I'm just not always sure how to do that from a character video perspective. Anyway, if you missed any:
Evolution of Daichi (Character Vid 2) :
Sexual Mishaps with Giant Monsters: Daichi's Original Backstory (Character Vid 3) :

Speaking of Daichi, I finally managed to finish his new wig this month! And only a few weeks off schedule! XD In all seriousness, it isn't my favorite video or my favorite wig. It was just too much to film and was *mostly* me fixing my mistakes, which I realize now would have probably been A LOT more helpful than filming all the mistakes I made and then showing you the end product but not exactly how I got there. *sigh*
Sometimes I just don't understand my own thought process, you know? But hey, pobody's nerfect. Ya live and ya learn.
Check out that wig video here:

Finally my most surprising video of the month (well, surprising for me, anyway); the 'Instant Faceups' video. I think the title made people interested? Or the thumbnail? It was definitely the video I put the *least* effort into filming and editing and my least favorite doll photo I took over the entire month, but it still managed to be my highest viewed video. Does that always just feel like a slap in the jowls? Ah, well, the goal is to keep people interested and laughing and having a good time so if that video is what ya'll want, I guess I should try to make more of them. It doesn't shake out too bad for me either - that means I get to do more doll projects! Normally I try to keep them to a minimum because it doesn't feel much like 'work' and they take a super long time, but as I consider this channel my second job I guess that really *does* make them work. So yay! More work, werk werk werk werk werk werk werk

I was trying to turn that into a dance move or something. But it's hard to dance and type at the same time, as I have just now learned. Hm. More thoughts on this later. For now, you can check out that 'Instant Faceups' video here:

ANYWAY! That's all I had time to film and post this month! It's been super busy for me with finding a new job, trying to actually make friends (shh I'm really bad at it), and some family commitments that keep popping up to say 'hey you can't get out of this lol'. Next month I'll also be going on vacation so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post at the end of July. I'll also probably be training for a new job which will take up a lot of time in mid-july, PLUS my all time favorite local summer festival is in about two weeks, so July is looking pretty busy as well (did I mention my sister is also home for the summer?). All that being said, here's the basic outline of my plan next month:

- Less frequent Inspired Elixirs videos.
- Finishing up Daichi's Character videos (he's got maybe one or two more).
+ More 'doll project' videos.
+ More 'doll tag' videos. I never used to be interested in doing these BUT last month in May ya'll seemed to really be interested in the BJD disappointments tag video, so I think I'll try to do more of them! Maybe. We'll see XD

Thanks all for reading, and happy July!