(Months of the Year Series) February
Hello everyone!!

February is nearly over! Which means we have our character February to show you all today :)

February is quiet, shy, and sweet. And out of all of the month characters, she's the shortest (only 5'1"!). She's also quite clever and has the ability to look at most things through different perspectives. This makes her one of the most empathetic characters out of the months.

She's playful too and enjoys activites like riding rides at amusement parks, eating sweets (cotton candy is her favorite),  playing games, and creating art (usually paint - the messier the better) . 

You'll get to learn more about her and the other month characters over time, but for now we hope you like her :D 

The drawing is by Hannah & the coloring is by Amelia.

Character and art (c) Hannah Fry and Amelia Buff, 2017 (A&H Comic Magic)

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