Montly Poll- June!!

Hello hello! It's that time again!
I'll be working on getting $50+ sketches done around the 14th, so it's time to remind y'all about your rewards!

For those of you with static rewards (like coupon codes, or seeing  the secret comic twitter), please click the following links to get  access to your rewards:

Click here for $5 Patrons!
Click here for $10 Patrons!
Click here for $25 Patrons!

For $50 and $100 patrons, there are a couple surveys you need to fill  out if you haven't already! One form is for specific picture requests  for your monthly sketch! The other is a Default Character form, so I  have something to draw you when you don't submit a specific picture  idea.

Click here for $50 Patrons!
Click here for $100 Patrons!

Don't forget to fill out your character cameo form if you haven't  already! Even if I know who you're going to use for your cameo  character, it helps me to keep it all in one place and easy to  reference! If you've already filled it out, you're golden: I only need  it once!

For $100 tier patrons, monthly movie night is going to be on June 13th! We're going to watch Wreck It Ralph!

For $25+ folks, postcards should be going out within the week with more terrible jokes. Suffer with me, friends.

In case you missed it, if you're at the $5 tier or above, you get to  see all the time-lapse videos of released pages! I've been having a ball  playing with video editing and learning all I can about it. I'm excited  to continue to offer this reward! And if you're not $5+, you can always  watch the older videos on my Youtube !

And now! Who's next on the Cast page this month to get a character sheet, a 100-word story, and more? 

Tess (The badger matron)


Ainsley (The ermine scavenger)


Walter (The mustachioed deer)


Piper (The Hellcat)


Anthony (The scaredy cat)


Henry (The police dog)


Penny (the toddler puppy)


Nora (The grey fox nurse)


Briar (The badger deer)


Sylvia (The fluffy cat dog)


Terra (The white wolf nurse)

Poll ended Jun 8, 2017
66 votes total