Monumental Positive Changes / News for Vega Conflict
What's Up Friends of the Good Mood,

we did it guys! The community of Vega Conflict probably made this event so terrible for Kixeye that they actually sat down and listened to the feedback. 2 out of 3 of my hard-critizised points during the last Alien Mobilization Event have now been changed to the better and even more!

They still aren't letting us buy certain items directly in a market store during the next Alien Mobilization Event but they made it so that there's one guaranteed level III drop and one extra random roll which I feel like is a very nice compromise! The time we spent in the next event is valued much more than it was previously which was always my most important point to critizise.

The community was building up a lot of pressure and the numbers at Kix probably weren't looking so good for the last one. They had to do something and I really feel like we've accomplished something here. We as in "the whole player base & community of the game".

I might actually be on a short weekend vacation next Alien Mobilization (@ AI) which just "came in shortly" but maybe I'll just take my laptop with me and we can still do a few hours from there. If the next event is really worth the time - I wouldn't wanna miss out on it.

In any case.. here's the video. It's a super long one but I also needed to talk about a few things I feel like haven't talked through enough, yet.

VEGA Conflict: Massive Good-News-Update & Changes Restore Our Trust

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