Moonlight Angel - Page 17 (Updated)
 Page 16:

Let's just say he's had a few bad experiences with the Istrala.


UPDATE: I made a few adjustments to the page, thanks to a few suggestions in the comments section of FA. I took the advice to heart and decided to touch up the page as best I could. I hope this is an improvement!


UPDATE 2: I just realized that the paladin's quiver strap (the diagonal brawn thing) was going in inconsistent directions on the page. I didn't notice it until I was working on page 18 and realized I'd been pointing it the wrong way on the entire page. Go me. XP

I moved Rohan back a little bit from the arrow on a couple of panels, since as :icontydrian: rightly pointed out, the arrow needs a bit of travel distance to gain a proper amount of velocity. I agree that although a long bow could absolutely be lethal at point blank, couple of extra feet from the bow really does make all of the difference.

Skyfighter64 gave me a couple of corrections about the hand and arrow positioning. You would think with the fact that I've DONE archery and in fact own a longbow that I would have noticed these details. I blame the deadline, personally.

Anyway, thanks for all of the help, you guys!


I suppose it's worth mentioning the the Paladin did indeed intentionally miss Rohan on the eighth panel. I'm PRETTY sure it's clear from the scene, but just in case it wasn't.

Back to drawing humans again. I was actually surprised how expressive this Paladin is when it comes down to it. Granted, it's hard to be stoic after fighting demons all night and losing a town in the process, but still.

It took a LOT of work to find a decent sort of text to represent Rohan's speech, but I think this one fits the bill pretty nicely.

That's it for now. Hope you liked the page, guys!

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