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Moral of the Story - A Canterlot Wedding
Be sure to check out my Patreon page to see how you can support my channel as well as what you get in return: Greetings, Today, I take a look at "A Canterlot Wedding" and explain the pros and cons to following your gut instincts, how to identify where you stand and what to do should you find yourself on the wrong end of the spectrum and needing to solve a serious problem. Or, on the other side, using your instincts properly and not reacting to a situation with unnecessary force. Through most of my life, I've been lucky to have had the "good instincts" that I mentioned in this video. Whenever my gut tells me something isn't right, the hunch is correct almost always. The only exceptions being when I was purposefully mislead in the details. However, prematurely tackling problems head-on has always been an obstacle for me. I thought I had mastered it. I was recently proven wrong. I also made a mention of not being able to stop our friends from making bad decisions. Though this is sometimes true, it's of great importance that you note that it isn't always true and skewed odds shouldn't prevent you from trying to prevent a problem anyway. Do your best and never give up. Make Suggestions: Ponies News Brony Topics General News/Current Events Fanfiction Reviews Product Reviews Contact: Tumblr: E-Mail: [email protected]