Morally Superior to God: Garden of Injustice & Misfortune
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Find out how even the most cruel of humans are morally superior to the god of the Bible.  This video focuses mainly on:

1) The Garden of Eden story in the Bible.

2) Draws an analogy to the North Korean system of punishing individuals for the "crimes" of their family members

3) The Problem of Evil

Video produced by Confronting Ignorance.

Christians claim that humans are born sinners and require salvation

through Jesus Christ in order to avoid the depths of Hell. Their

beliefs *require* them to believe that the story of Adam & Eve is

not a fictional myth, but a true story. That if we were to go back in

time a few thousand years ago, we'd find two naked people in a perfect

garden, and a talking snake.

Although the backbone of Christian belief, the idea of original sin can be totally deconstructed and the flaws revealed.

This video shows how the Christians claim that their God is all good

(omnibenevolent), all knowing (omniscient), and all powerful

(omnipotent) must be wrong if the story of Adam & Eve is true. Or,

if he is actually all good, all knowing, and all powerful, then he must

be highly evil.

In the fable, God created the garden set with a booby

trap. Christian leaders claim that the original creation was perfect,

and that it was humans who messed things up. But wasn't the talking,

evil snake there before Adam & Eve committed a sin? And the fruit

they ate was the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil... so how would

they even know they were committing a sin? They were ignorant of these

concepts, and couldn't have committed a sin, because committing a sin

requires that you know the difference between good and evil. (for

example: an animal might kill something, but it does not know that it is

wrong to do so)

Further, I challenge the idea of true

"free will." Christians say we have been given free will. Yes, it

appears to be the case that right now we have free will. But if you

measure the amount of time we have free will during our mortal existence

and then measure the amount of time where we do not have free will (for

example, going to Hell for not believing in Christian claims) then it

appears the amount of time we actually have free will is infinitely tiny

in comparison to the majority of our existence: eternity.


video is part 1 of 3 in a series aimed at showing Christians that their

religion is just another religion... nothing special. To atheists, the

Christian claim that Jesus is the human incarnation of God is no more

believable than an Egyptian pharaoh claiming to be the human incarnation

of God.

This video doesn't even delve into the

scientific impossibilities of the story of Adam & Eve, but just

shows how it's wrong from a myth-point of view, perhaps in a way that

Christians illiterate in science can understand.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this movie, and get something out of it. I really hope it just gets people thinking.

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**Disclaimer: I realize that the views presented in this video from the "Christian Point of View" are not those of all Christians. I realize that there are varying beliefs out there (for example: some Christians believe that Hell doesn't exist, some think Jesus & Yahweh are totally different beings, or that Satan is the same entity as the serpent and has god-like powers). I am addressing the more fundamentally religious Christian viewpoint, & their commonly accepted reading of the Bible as accepted by fundamental religious authorities.