More Arcanites join the fight!
Maze Arcana Family, 

We think it's important for you to know that we see you, and the community should, too. Not the easiest thing when we don't have a communal chat or anything but feel free to have your own little conversations on across posts or even on our website. We want Eberron to be a place that is welcoming... in that note! 

Please join me in welcoming some new friends to the Arcanite community. Don't be shy, say "HI!"

Adam Sportack
Rachel Steiner
Thomas Jakob

Heck, why don't we just introduce everyone? If you go by a specific handle in Twitch Chat, let everyone know so other community members can give ya a nod as ya come in!

Nicholas Schwarzenberger (Long one! I feel ya there...
John Gilbert
Allan Libby
William Subleski
Leland Saunders
Matthew Hughes

Joe P

Gage Gwillim
George Dowdell
Angelo Kapiring
Zack Hoagland

Mike Warner

Craig Walterson
Jonathan Franklin
Michael Bogumill

David Schwarm
Zed Bundershot
(Awesome name!)
J (That's capital "J" to you!)

JAN & 2016
Wayne Miller (dreaco67)
Noel Mock
James Barber
Bill Benham

Let us know if you're watching on Twitch or Youtube. We are trying to add new features all the time and would love to be able to accommodate you guys if need be.

We know that our schedule creates a system where our posting can be erratic, or like a landslide, but we appreciate you guys giving us your support. Like many small content creators, we are working hard to churn out the content you see on Sundays at noon pacific (and now Tuesdays & Wednesdays 7-10pm PT) so it means a lot to us for you to be a part of that with us. 

We also understand when money gets tight, so please know that while you may not be able to contribute every month to keep us going, we are will be here with open arms to as if you never left. In fact, to us, you never do. 

Thank you for becoming part of our family and community. You guys give us the wherewithal to keep it all going!

Ruty & Satine