More Changes...
Well, as you may have noticed there wasn't a post Sunday, sorry about that.

Lots of stuff going on, some great and moving the studio forward, some great on a personal level, but eating up time, and others are... less than great, but overcomeable.

Mostly, the simple fact I've been overwhelmed lately caught up to me, so, I'm stepping back to breathe a little, regroup and refocus.

Visionary will be shutting down our Kickstarter this week, in order to prepare and relaunch by early 2017. We just were not able to muster the time and resources to properly promote it with other stuff happening. But we are already planning the return.

I will pick back up with regular My Comic Life posts this coming Sunday, including strip and column, Visionary's regular weekly news post will resume next Thursday, and then more new stuff will start filtering in.

In the meantime, you really should check out Visionary's newest Deadlands release, Thunder Moon Rising, by my good friend, Jeff Mariotte. It hit stands today and is already doing very well on the sales charts.

Get all the details on the studio's news post from today!

Thanks for all your support!