More Columns in CAS v1.27

v1.27 [03/14/2023]

  • Updated for game version 1.96.365 (Growing Together patch).

v1.26 [01/31/2023]

  • Updated for game version 1.95.207.

v1.25 [09/14/2022]

  • Updated for game version 1.91.205.
  • Fixed a misalignment in the Coat Color/Pattern section for werewolves.
  • Added compatibility with the Color Sliders mod.

v1.24 [07/26/2022]

  • Updated for game version 1.90.358 (High School Years patch).

v1.23 [06/14/2022]

  • Updated for game version 1.89.214 (Werewolves patch).

v1.22 [02/15/2022]

  • Updated for game version 1.84.171 (My Wedding Stories patch).

v1.21 [11/02/2021]

  • Updated for game version 1.81.72.

v1.20 [09/08/2021]

  • Updated for game version 1.79.93 (Spa Day Refresh patch). This fixes the camera not zooming in when changing fingernails.

v1.19 [07/20/2021]

  • Updated for game version 1.77.131 (Cottage Living patch).

v1.18 [06/29/2021]

  • Updated for game version 1.76.81. This fixes the issue that the old version would block the new CAS fix EA has implemented in the new patch.

v1.17.1 [04/30/2021]

  • Fixed not being able to click on items when there are too many rows of swatches.
  • Fixed the "Match Eye Color" checkbox being misaligned when there are too many rows of pet eye swatches.
  • Fixed that the swatch scroll list always defaults to the beginning of the list. Now it defaults to where the selected swatch is.

v1.17 [04/27/2021]

  • Updated for game version 1.73.48.
  • Added a scrollbar when you have more than 10 rows of swatches.
  • Added the randomization button to more categories.

v1.16 [03/23/2021]

  • Updated for game version 1.72.28.

v1.15 [02/25/2021]

  • Updated for game version 1.71.86 (Kits patch).

v1.14.1 [12/07/2020]

  • Fixed skin tones shifting to the left after using "undo".

v1.14 [12/07/2020]

  • Updated for game version 1.69.57.

v1.13 [11/10/2020]

  • Updated for game version 1.68.154 (Snowy Escape patch).

v1.12 [07/23/2020]

  • Updated for game version 1.65.70 (Nifty Knitting patch).

v1.11 [06/03/2020]

  • Updated for game version 1.63.133 (Eco Lifestyle patch).

v1.10 [11/12/2019]

  • Updated for game version 1.58.63  (Discover University patch).

v1.9 [09/05/2019]

  • Updated for game version 1.55.105  (Realm of Magic patch) .

v1.8 [06/19/2019]

  • Updated for game version 1.52.100  (Island Living patch).
  • Added a new 5-column flavor.
  • Repositioned various UI elements: the catalog title is now correctly centered, the randomization button is now shifted to the rightmost, the filter bar's width is increased to fit the expanded columns, and other Create-A-Pet related changes.


This mod increases the number of columns of the catalog panel in CAS. Three flavors of the mod are available: 3 columns, 4 columns, and 5 columns.


If your game's resolution is too low, it might not have enough space for all columns to show. The 3 column flavor is not recommended if your resolution is lower than 1280x720. The 4 column flavor is not recommended if your resolution is lower than 1600x900. The 5 column flavor is not recommended if your resolution is lower than 1920x1080.

Please note that if you have Cats & Dogs, an even higher resolution is required for all columns to be shown in Create A Pet.

With the 1.58.63 game update, you can now adjust the UI scale via the options menu. A smaller UI size will allow more columns to be shown at the same resolution.


v1.27 is built with game version 1.96.365 and it will not work for older versions of the game.

If you play Legacy Edition, download the version here.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post