More details on Viewer's Choice!
I've been refining the 'Viewer's Choice' idea over the past couple of weeks, and there are probably still more changes that will need to be made. Here are some more details, as we go into our trial run!

If you want to review our first announcement about Viewer's Choice, you can check it out at .

Every week, we'll be dedicating 6 hours, over 3 days, to a game that our community votes in. Because our collection consists of over 1,200 games, we'll be relying on 'Fearless Havel' and 'Black Knight'-tier supporters (on Twitch and Patreon) to narrow down that list via a 'sponsorship' system.

Each Havel and Knight, on both platforms, are invited to choose a game (from our collection) to 'sponsor' with their Patronage, which they can change at will. These are the games that peeps will vote on, every week, for a shot to be played in the Viewer's Choice timeslot (Wed., Thu., & Sat., 6PM-8PM ET).

Finer details:

* If you're a Havel or higher on Patreon & Twitch, you can sponsor 2 different games at the same time!

* Every viewer can vote up to 3 times per week: once via Twitch Whisper, once on the 'Vencabot' Discord, and once on Patreon.

* Votes from Discord users and non-subbed Twitch or Patreon users count for 1 pt. 'Young Guy' votes on Patreon count for 2pts. 'Shady Winner' votes count for 3pts, and 'Fearless Havel' and 'Black Knight' votes count for 4pts. If Havels or Knights don't vote for a week, their vote for their sponsored game is implied.

* When the top-voted game is played on-stream, its vote-count will be reset to 0. Other sponsored games, though, will maintain their vote-count for the next time they're eligible for voting, so they have an advantage next time!

* Some games may not sustain a full 6 hours of gameplay. If we've started and finished the game during the week and we can't think of a way to spice things up, we may move on to play other games -- but only if we can't think of anything else!

Thank you, guys, for supporting the channel. If you're not interested in sponsoring a game or voting, that's all good; I just think it's a fun idea for inviting the community to get more invested in the stream!

I'll see you guys in the next one!