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More exciting news!

I am writing to inform you of a new development in my school and training experience.  I have recently been selected to step into a new position.  I have been given the extreme privilege of becoming the musician oversight for 1st year students.  This means that I will be pastorally leading our amazing first year students, as well as rostering them for our first year chapel.  This is a great responsibility and privilege, as it is a position that allows me to grow and learn, while also being able to equip and empower those of us that are on the journey of being a musician at HILC.  I am thrilled to learn all that this roll has to offer.  I plan to take this on with gladness, and acceptance of the weight that it truly carries.  

In other news, I have moved.  I now live in a new flat that is just a bit cheaper than our old flat!  I have two new flatmates, both from the US.  They are excellent lads, and I look forward to growing with them while we all navigate our second semester experience here at HILC.  My flat is brand new, and has a split level.  All bedrooms are upstairs, allowing us to really utilize the flat for hosting, as it will not bother those of us that might want to get some rest (Ha! What a joke!).  Anyway, I am feeling very lucky to be living with the people that I live with!

Last, I am playing a bit more now!  Our second semester is geared straight at our musical growth in the context of live serving.  We are now in the “thick of it”, as they say.  I already feel like this semester is moving at around 100MPH and there is definitely no sign that it will slow down!  My training here is “full on” (AU slang) and I am learning that this lifestyle is just simple Kingdom living when you serve a busy, healthy, active, church!  I’m having the time of my life!  

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers!