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More Fallout 4 Than You Can Shake a Radroach at!
Patrons! Rick & Topsy are back with more Fallout 4! Not just more but a lot more, in fact! 

The guys didn't want to stop until they reached Diamond City, so you get an extra 10 minutes of buffoonery in this  here "extended cut" episode. 

The goal is to beat the game in two more episodes, so brace yourselves for light speed next time! 

But wait there's more™! A special guest riffer gets in on the action and there's even some riffing cameos that make this our most meta episode to date.

As always, you incredibly generous heroes and heroines get it early, too!

Lastly, we're closing in on $1,400 per video and we're just beside ourselves with gratitude. If this keeps up, making ICWXP/IGWXP our day jobs may not be such a crazy pipe dream after all. 

A nod and a "thank you" hardly seems enough, so we're working on new prizes and something really special for those of you that have been here for a long time. ;)

See you next month, ICWXP/IGWXP