More fun... yeah, we'll go with fun.
I'm looking forward to a day someday that maybe I won't have to work a day job just to get by. 12 hours today, most of it running a wicked fever, with various itchy parts of me itching. I have shingles again, which have decided to be more like chickenpox in this incarnation. (Flashback to five years ago when they felt like flea size bonfires on my back.) I would rather the bonfires than the itching to be perfectly honest. So, looking a little into hit record... anyone else on there, what can you tell me? 12 hour itchy shift, full of separating computers, and I just wanted to be home writing, or playing the uke, maybe painting, although the kind of mess that makes usually sounds exhausting when I'm ill. Maybe more of an update later, but for now I need rest. Love you crazy bitches and bastards! Xoxo Dee