More Music, More Thinking
"Eternity in an Hour" and "Through the Darkness - Awakening" both came from a period of heavy isolation and depression, and at a time when I had given up the notion of having a singer, which left me open to explore more possibilities musically. "Sad, Confused, Angry, and Over It" is a bit different from them, but I think it follows that title well.

In addition, I've written some stuff about my longterm goals and what I'm really trying to accomplish:

I know it sounds arrogant in a few places, but it's hard to talk about future plans without assuming success. If we couldn't presume success while making plans, then what would be the point of planning? I'm trying to return to the personal touch the website started with, since I'm probably going to move the political stuff to some other site. Or at least cut down on it a lot, because I no longer support a candidate and Hillary is giving the office to Trump. Talking about that is depressing.